Protecting the Integrity of Chimneys in the Pacific Northwest for Over 20 Years

Small family owned business that crafts architectural style chimney caps and concrete splash blocks.

Penny Lane Chimney Caps are produced locally and are distinguished by a shiny penny cast into the top of each lid. Being stylish and functional they offer a handsome alternative to an often unsightly and overlooked area of the home.

Penny Lane Chimney Caps

Penny Lane Chimney Caps come in two sizes 12×12 and 12×16. Their function is to provide a stylish form of protection for the inside of the chimney by keeping the elements out while allowing the flues to exhaust the gases produced from a home’s various heat sources. Additionally, Penny Lane Chimney Caps can help prevent downdrafts and when paired with a surrounding concrete collar helps extend the life of the chimney by holding it together and ensuring its integrity. They come with removable lids that allow for access to the flue for periodic cleaning.

Hand Crafted

Penny Lane Chimney Caps are individually handcrafted one at a time right here in the Pacific Northwest. We live here and we know what it takes to build a quality product that can withstand time and the elements. At Penny Lane we make each chimney cap with the care and craftsmanship that we want in our own homes, in fact we have them protecting the integrity of our own chimney.

Every Penny Lane Chimney Cap is poured with the idea that we all have to protect our investments and that our homes might as well look good at the same time.

Prevent Chimney Failure

Penny Lane Chimney Caps provide an architecturally interesting preventive measure against premature chimney deterioration. They keep rain and snow out of the interior of the chimney flue that can lead to the deterioration of both the brick and the mortar which hold it together. By being a weather deterrent Penny Lane Chimney Caps help keep moisture from reaching the fireplace area and possibly migrating further into a home causing water damage along the way. When coupled with a concrete collar Penny Lane Chimney Caps act to unify the separate flues into one weather resistant unit.

Hundreds of dollars can be saved by avoiding expensive repairs to your chimney, an area that is often difficult and dangerous to access.

Get Your Penny Lane Chimney Caps Today!

Chimney caps and splash blocks are available directly from Penny Lane Chimney Caps or at Salmon Bay Sand & Gravel Company in Ballard.