At Penny Lane, We Manufacture Integrity

Chimney Caps

12×12 Price: $80      12×16 Price: $85

Chimney & Furnace Vent

Penny Lane Chimney Caps come in two sizes 12×12 and 12×16. Their function is to provide a stylish form of protection for the inside of the chimney by keeping the elements out while allowing the flues to exhaust the gases produced from homes various heat sources. Additionally, Penny Lane Chimney Caps can help prevent downdrafts and when paired with a surrounding concrete collar helps extend the life of the chimney by holding it together and ensuring its integrity. They come with removable lids that allow for access to the flue to allow for periodic cleaning.

Splash Blocks

Price: $18

Foundation Protection

Our splash blocks are made of steel reinforced concrete. They have a solid utilitarian appearance and are made to withstand the test of time and stay in place regardless of the elements. They are distinguished by the shiny penny cast into the underside of each block.

Their purpose is to divert water that flows out of downspouts away from a house’s foundation, prevent soil erosion, and standing water that can damage foundations and cause basement water problems.

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Chimney caps and splash blocks are available directly from Penny Lane Chimney Caps or at Salmon Bay Sand & Gravel Company in Ballard.