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Chimney caps and splash blocks are available directly from Penny Lane Chimney Caps or at Salmon Bay Sand & Gravel Company in Ballard.

Chimney Repair

This is a classic example of a chimney that could benefit from Penny Lane Chimney Caps. This chimney is unlined making it particularly vulnerable to deterioration from the inside out. Interior deterioration is evident due to the byproduct of oil or gas furnaces and it is completely open to the elements. In short, the mortar is under attack from both the interior and exterior. With Penny Lane Chimney Caps and the installation of a proper concrete collar the chimney would have been able to withstand the elements for quite some time.

With Penny Lane Chimney Caps and a concrete collar the chimney top becomes a unified entity which is functional as well as architecturally appealing. Additionally, Penny Lane Chimney Caps have removable lids allowing the flues to be easily cleaned.


Foundation Repair

Water penetration and damage to foundation walls can lead to a multitude of inconvenient and expensive problems. Soil erosion and damage to garden beds are other mishaps that can be avoided by using Penny Lane Splash Blocks to divert downspout outflow.

Protecting the time and money you have invested in your home and surrounding environment is simple and attractive with the use of Penny Lane Splash Blocks.